Music Feed: August Alsina's Craziest Moments...Thus Far

Any news is better than no news.
It's funny that August Alsina hasn't been on the music scene long and he has already gained notoriety for his lewd acts. The outspoken singer has feuded with Trey Songz, hung himself with rope, cursed out concert goers, and even cancelled tour dates due to slow sales, but not in that order. Get all the dirt on August Alsina before he's a washed up star.
Trey Songz feud
August Alsina and Trey Songz were butt buddies for a time. Then all of a sudden their relationship took a turn for the worse. August publicly blasted Trey Songz for being cocky when Trey allegedly took over a concert they were headlining, I believe that's the story. August appeared on 106 & Park and when asked about Trey Songz, he lashed out on hosts Bow Wow and Keisha Chante. When Trey Songz was asked about the beef, Trey said he decided to stay mute on it and didn't wanna go back and forth in the media with August. Understandable!
Cancelled Tour Dates
Ticket sales were slow for a recent August Alsina engagement in which the singer cancelled the tour when he discovered 2,000 fans wasn't enough fans to perform for. Be lucky you have 2,000 fans or however many you have at this point.
Hung Jury
August thought it was in good taste but it was actually in bad taste when he hung himself by a rope depicted his death. Why? I can't even remember but it was some bullshit!
Curse, Threaten, and Lock
August Alsina stage dived into a crowd at his concert and lost his prized possession, a hat and lost his shit! He cursed out the concert goers, threatened to end the concert, and lock everyone inside until it was discovered. This reminds me when Puff Daddy(or whatever he is called these days) lost some watch or ring at 106 & Park and didn't want anyone to leave until it was discovered. Not sure what happened with that but I'm sure whatever was lost cost a pretty penny.
Something tells me this is not the last time I will be reporting some news on August Alsina.

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