Mariah Carey's New Album Sales Fall Flat, K. Michelle Vs. Perez Hilton

Any news is better than no news.
CAREY ON: Mariah Carey's plans to release her new album a la Beyoncé may of fallen flat according to early record reports. Mimi's new album Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse is said to debut with 65K copies in its first full week. Note that the album is only available via iTunes at the moment. Next week the album will be available in physical form. Maybe the record sales will increase next week or stay the same. With no real hit single this go round, Mariah may take a little while to go Gold if she does at all. I heard the new album in snippet form and its not bad from what I hear. It's nothing I'm rushing out to buy or download for that matter but I still love Mimi nonetheless. PEREZ VS. K. MICHELLE: Yesterday I reported how K. Michelle sounded off on Iggy Azalea and her "Memphis" sound. Well blogger Perez Hilton took offense to K's comments and the two exchanged a series of digs and jabs via Twitter. There is no word yet if Iggy has responded to any of the naysay or if she is just simply ignoring it which may be smart. Iggy is doing pretty good for herself right now so haters will naturally hate. TINY BIT OF TROUBLE: People on social media have been going in on Tiny(T.I.'s wife) regarding her role in Sunday's melee between T.I. and Floyd Mayweather. Tiny clapped back at the haters on Twitter with statements referring to T.I.'s infidelity mentioning him being "in pictures with bitches". It is likely that she is referring to the picture that went around social media of T.I. T.I. denied this but he was in the picture. Maybe the groupie girl lied about the date of the picture. What is true though is rumors have dogged T.I. for years in regards to him being a womanizer even since he's been married. Unfortunately I don't see this whole T.I. and Tiny thing getting any better anytime soon.
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