Janet Jackson To Release New Music Soon, Charlie Sheen Blasts Rihanna

Any news is better than no news.
PLANET JANET: It was just revealed that Janet Jackson has new music on the way very soon. One of her long time collaborators Bobby Ross Avila, who works very close with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis broke the news via Twitter. Are you all excited for a new Janet Jackson album? I know I am! SEEING PINK: I'm sure you all don't find it surprising that Rihanna is involved in yet another feud. Though she isn't the one who initiated it but still. This time actor Charlie Sheen has called the famed singer out for refusing to meet his girlfriend at a restaurant. Apparently both stars were in the restaurant and Charlie arranged for Rihanna and his girlfriend to meet. Rihanna turned down the invitation as she was dining and obviously didn't want to be bothered. Of course Charlie Sheen didn't respond well to this and voiced his frustrations at Rihanna on Twitter. Rihanna responded in typical Rihanna fashion describing Charlie as an "old queen with his diapers in a bunch". Ha! Was Rihanna wrong for not meeting a fan of hers or was it okay to turn down since she was dining? LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD RECIPIENT: While you all marinate on that I just read that Lionel Richie will receive the BET Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's BET Awards airing on June 29. We all know Lionel Richie for his solo work as well as his work with The Commodores. There is no word yet on who will take part in honoring the legendary star. ATTENTION STARVED: It looks as if August Alsina is still thirsty for attention! This time the cocky singer hung himself on a rope and pretended to be dead and posted it to social media. Of course the gesture has been met with the thumbs down! I guess he is still upset since no one barely bought tickets to his last concert. August, get over yourself and FAST! CELEBRITY MOMS: There is word on the streets that several celebrity Mom's that we know through several reality TV shows will reportedly get a show. Some of the Mom's being mentioned are Deb Atney(Waka Flacka), Joyce Jones(Kandi Burruss), and I'm drawing a blank thinking about who else was mentioned. Anyway I can't believe their serious with this and I'm not sure this needs to happen. We see these celebrity moms enough of the reality shows their on now.
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