Ashanti Mentioned In War of Words Between Nelly & Floyd Mayweather

Any news is good news.
 Ashanti is caught in the middle of some drama once again. This time its between her ex boyfriend Nelly and boxer Floyd Mayweather. Nelly called Mayweather out on Instagram revealing that Mayweather hit on Ashanti and flew her out to Michigan for one of his boxing matches. Nelly says he wasn't invited and is confused over Mayweather's claims that he and Nelly are friends. If that's not enough Mayweather is airing plenty of dirty laundry first starting with his ex as well as Nelly. He claims that Nelly borrowed a huge sum of money from Ashanti to support a rumored drug habit. This isn't the first time I heard of Nelly have money and drug problems. Interestingly enough Ashanti has a new song on her album titled, Count which I always thought was in reference to Nelly. After all Ashanti states that Braveheart is her most personal album to date. Ashanti hasn't spoken out regarding any of the accusations but just last week a woman Nelly was romancing had also been hanging with Ashanti and put it on the social networks. I believe this is the same woman Mayweather dated or then again DeSean Jackson dated. Its way too much going on and it gets more confusing the more I type and probably the more you read. In other Ashanti news Chicago rapper Chief Keef tried to holler at Ashanti via Twitter and Ashanti even retweeted it. Interesting! I'll keep you all up to date as this story unfolds!
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