Syleena Johson Mad At Faith Evans, Lauryn Hill Going on Tour

Any news is good news.
 Greetings! Before I even get into the news I have, I'll refer to this post as the Diva Edition. I touch on several R&B Divas and what's going down with them all. Now R&B Divas Atlanta is back on and popping. The first episode featured a fiery exchange between stars Monifah and KeKe Crazy Wyatt. As we can see there is plenty of drama on the show but there is also drama brewing behind the scenes. Star, Syleena Johnson is speaking out against former star and creator Faith Evans. Late last year the R&B Divas compilation album was nominated for Best R&B Album. But instead of the R&B Divas cast being nominated, Faith Evans was the only one recognized for the nomination. The controversy will be explored on the new season of R&B Divas Atlanta. Syleena insinuates that since Faith sits on the Grammy committee its possible that Faith slighted the group on purpose or it could of went over her head. What do you think? Do you think Faith was being selfish? I don't look at Faith as being a vindictive person. After all why does she have to be? She has had plenty of success already. I could understand if it were an artist on the come up but not Faith. In other news..Lauryn Hill is embarking on a new tour titled Homecoming. The tour will venture in and out of the States starting in Pennsylvania before ending in London. There is also word that Lauryn Hill is working on a new album. To me it seems like Lauryn has been working on new music for awhile. I can imagine the amount of music she has stockpiled over the years. When can we expect this new music no one knows. But maybe fans can expect to hear some new tunes on her tour. So what do you think? Do you think people are going to go see Lauryn in concert and better yet will people support a new album from the troubled diva? And last but certainly not least rumor is Mariah Carey is said to unveil her new album at midnight, May 1. To see if its true check iTunes at midnight to check out a possible new Mariah Carey album. It's been said that Mariah's new album would be a digital release.
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