Producer Rico Love Slammed By Wale's Assistant

Any news is good news.
Greetings on this warm Sunday evening as I write to you all. If you all are unfamiliar with producer Rico Love, he is a producer who has worked with the likes of Ashanti and Usher. He has a hit single on radio right now titled They Don't Know and his new single is titled (Bitches) Be Like. Well apparently there has been a beef brewing between singer/producer Rico Love and Wale for awhile. I just never took time to publicly write about it as I didn't think it was that big to begin with. Well apparently things just took a turn for the worse. Wale's assistant Miss Rici went on Twitter and dragged Rico Love calling him 'down low'. It all started because singer Tiara Thomas, who was featured on Wale's Bad song jumped ship and signed to Rico Love's label, Division 1. Apparently Tiara was supposed to sign with Wale's Folarin' label and that was where the drama began. Now everyone is dragging everyone's name through the mud. This just gets uglier and uglier if you ask me. But as far as Rico Love's sexuality, I wouldn't be surprised if he were gay. He does give off a gay vibe than again so does Wale! Bloop!  
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