Pebbles Sues Viacom for $40 Million Dollars

Any news is good news.
 Someone who won't go down without a fight is Pebbles. Just when we thought we heard the end from the 80s R&B star, Pebbles has struck back and sued Viacom for $40 million dollars. Viacom is the company that brings us such music channel luminaries as VH1(which CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story aired), BET, and MTV. Now I'm watching Wendy as this was being reported and I agree with what Wendy said. Pebbles won't get $40 million dollars but she surely will get something. How much do you think Pebbles should get if anything at all? Or do you think Pebbles should just let all this go? Looks like Pebbles is beating the hell out of a dead horse. Till next time people!
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