Michelle Williams Responds to Twitter Users, Mathew Knowles' Baby Mama Speaks

Any news is good news.
 Greetings everyone! Consider this blog post the Destiny's Child edition as all the news is about those either in Destiny's Child or affiliated with the group. I'll start things off by sharing my thoughts about the #PoorMichelle topics on Twitter. I guess I didn't pay it much mind because Michelle has always been the punching bag of Destiny's Child. I, myself doesn't have anything personally against her except I think she is a little awkward but who isn't these days. Apparently the #PoorMichelle topic got to Michelle and she responded back in a ladylike fashion instead of bowing to the ignorance that was displayed. Nice job Michelle! And as for Michelle being poor, she says her accountant ain't say that! Ouch! Some people have too much time on their hands to be counting someone's bank account. Destiny Child's former manager Mathew Knowles is in a bit of dilemma as his baby mama Alexsandra has been talking to the press. She claims that she and her child will be homeless in a shelter since Mathew's child support payments have been reduced drastically. The woman still receives $2,400 dollars a month, a far cry from her $12,000 she was receiving. Everyone including myself feels that the woman should simply get a job and stop trying to get more coins by dragging Beyonce into this mess. Granted, this is her stepbrother, who may be on the streets but this woman is simply looking for attention.
Michelle Williams isn't the only musician who has sounded off on her critics on Twitter. In the past other musicians such as Ashanti, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Brown, and The Game have responded to their critics.
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