Janet Jackson To Make Announcement, Miguel In The Studio

Any news is good news.
Woohoo! It looks like we may be getting some new Janet Jackson music in the near future. Janet's longtime collaborator Jimmy Jam tweeted that we will receive some new Janet news. What could it be though? A new album? A new single? I guess we will all have to wait and see. I said previously that I wouldn't mind if Janet did a secret album or did an iTunes release like Beyoncé and then released it physically. Speaking of new music Miguel recently tweeted that he has logged studio time with Raphael Saadiq of Toni Tony Tone! fame and the legendary DJ Premier. There is no word on when we can expect new Miguel music but I'm sure its gonna be dope! I'm actually excited to hear that Miguel is working with Raphael. I think Raphael is seriously underrated as a producer. I like the work he did on Kelis' Tasty album and countless other albums. And speaking of  Kelis! The singer recently released her new album FOOD. In a recent interview the singer revealed that she is indeed good friends with Pharrell(despite rumors of falling out) and that she plans to work with him in the near future! Say what? I think we will all lose our minds if these two get back together..working that is. Kelis and Pharrell truly have made some good music together. I feel like Pharrell can tap into Kelis' kooky side better than any other producer. Well that's all the music news I have for now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and check back for more updates. Thank you reading!  
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