Future Speaks on 'Drunk In Love' Demo, Brandy To Appear on WWHL

Any news is good news.
Greetings on this Monday night. Happy Easter to those who observe the Holiday. I have been away for awhile but I am back with the latest music news updates. I'll start things off with Future who has his own record Honest coming out soon. It was mentioned awhile back that Future did a demo to Beyonce's Drunk In Love song. The song, Good Morning leaked out but will not be publicly released has caused many questions wondering how much of a role did Future play in Beyonce's latest hit. There's been the insinuation that Beyonce stole the song from Futue but when asked, Future said no such thing happened. We all know Beyonce has a history of not being the most original artist and it has in turn caused her a little controversy over the years. Anyway to fully understand if I lost you up above, Future did a demo for Drunk In Love with producer Detail and the song ended up in Beyonce's hands. The song sat dormant for six months until its December release halting Future to release his Good Morning song which features the same melody. So is Beyonce really to blame here or is it producer Detail? You decide. I really don't think this is a big deal. I just think its certain people making this story bigger than what it is. Personally I think its Future's camp making this a big story to help his new album sale. But Future and his camp better tread lightly before the Beyhive attack!
In other music news..
  • Brandy will appear on Watch! What Happens Live on Thursday, April 24 at 11 P.M. EST
  • Toni Braxton will release her memoir Unbreak My Heart on May 20
  • Lil' Kim is having a baby girl with a magical baby shower to match
  • KeKe Palmer(CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story) is getting her own show on BET
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