Beyonce Films Top Secret Project, Jermaine Dupri Attacked By Mariah Carey Fans

Any news is good news.
As we've learned in recent months Beyonce moves in silence. The singer has been spotted filming a top secret video. No one knows what the video is for. It is being speculated that the screen caps that has appeared online is from her upcoming tour with husband Jay Z. I guess we will know in due time. Something else we may know in due time or not is the release date for the new untitled Mariah Carey album.The album was recently scheduled to be released on May 6. Now the listing of the album on Island Def Jam's release schedule has disappeared. The move has prompted the Lambs, Mariah's fans to attack Jermaine Dupri. Why Jermaine Dupri? Because he is the one who is currently managing Mariah. So if anyone has answers its him right? Wrong! I think we all know the real reason why Mariah's new album hasn't been released yet. It's the same reason why a lot of other R&B releases suffer pushbacks. It has no real hit single at the moment. Your Mine(Eternal) was released back in March and has underperformed. Even the remix with Trey Songz failed to ignite the charts. Poor Mariah! Has she reached her creative peak? I don't think so. As a matter of fact, #Beautful, the single she released back last Summer with Miguel was probably one of her best singles in decades. #Beautful did moderately well and moderately well enough to release her album behind it. I think the real problem is that Mariah wants to release her album behind a #1 hit. At this point though a #1 hit for Mariah seems pretty far fetched. But we are talking about the singing legend who has 18 #1 hits so its likely she can add another #1 hit to her resume. Good luck!  
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