Mario Dropped From RCA, Chris Brown In Jail Again

Any news is good news.
Greetings! It seems as if many R&B singers are getting pink slips from their perspective music labels they record music for. The newest person reportedly dropped from their record label is Mario. We all know Mario from hits such as Let Me Love You and Just A Friend 2002. Most recently the singer topped the charts with his hit single Somebody Else featuring Nicki Minaj. His follow up single Fatal Distraction barely got any radio play and it was a doozy in my opinion. Even the leaked songs from Mario's recording sessions were trash in my opinion. I like Mario and its unfortunate if he is indeed dropped from his record label, RCA Records. Mario's former label mate Chris Brown is back in the slammer! Now don't act too surprised by the news! I'm not even going to go into full detail about this as I only know so much of the story myself. We all know Chris was in rehab for the last few months. I actually thought he was doing good but we should of known Chris was back up to his old tricks again. His former flame, Rihanan visited him on the low. I'm sure Karrueche Tran was also visiting as well, Chris Brown's on again and off again girlfriend. There was even talk that Chris was fooling around with one of the employees in the rehab facility. That doesn't surprise me though, some dick hungry girl wanting Chris cause of his celebrity and his 'dick'.  
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