Janet Is 'Happy' In Marriage, Robin Thicke Attempts To Win Wife Back

Chal is serving the TEA!
Hey y'all! If you recall it was just a few days ago where I and countless other blogs reported that Janet Jackson's marriage was in trouble. Now its been revealed through Janet's publicist that her marriage is not in trouble and that the couple are very "happy" unlike Robin Thicke & Paula Patton! Shade! Speaking of Robin Thicke, he is doing everything in his power to win back the trust and affection of Paula Patton. Recently the couple announced their separation. Robin has even cancelled a few tour dates of his to make amends with his wife. All I can say is good luck to Robin at getting his woman back. Though Paula comes off very kooky she looks to be a very good woman that any straight man would love to wife up. And if it seems as if this entire blog post is about the dissolution of relationships, its because it is. That leads me to the next couple, Brandy and Ryan Press. The two recently got engaged a few months ago and now word has spread that the couple has called things off...temporarily. When asked, Brandy nonchalantly dismissed the notion of her troubled relationship. Maybe she's just saving her thoughts on it once she releases new music? In the meantime you can catch Brandy on The Game airing on March 4 on EBT.
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