Frank Ocean Filming New Video, Ashanti Working On Tupac Biopic

Chal is serving the TEA!
So....I just read that Frank Ocean is filming the video to his first single off his new album. Say what? If the sound of the first single and accompanying album is anything like his Def Jam debut consider me sold. Speaking of sold, Ashanti's new album is out and its on track to sell upwards of 18-21K(thousand) copies in the first week. That's good considering she is an indie artist now. During her press rounds Ashanti revealed that she is working on the score to the upcoming Tupac biopic due in 2015. What do you all think about that? Well why you think about that Pharrell, who released his own album G I R L this week is producing on Alicia Key's next album. He describes Alicia's new work as "super next level" but we'll be the judge of that when we hear it. Right?
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