Christina Milian Lands Reality Show, Keyshia Cole Goes Off

Any news is good news.
Greetings! Christina Milian is getting her own reality TV show on E! The show currently titled 'Christina Milian' will follow the singer as she navigates being a mother and getting her music career back on track. Christina signed to Young Money/Cash Money awhile back. So what do I think about Christina getting her own reality show? I think its a good idea. Sometimes reality TV is exactly the vehicle you need to get your career back on track. Speaking of tracks, Keyshia Cole has teamed up with R. Kelly for her new album. The singer recently posted a picture of herself and Kells in the studio. The two singers previously collaborated on R. Kelly's Double Up album. Keyshia has recently made headlines when she became angry during a radio interview in Atlanta. The radio jockey asked her was she "wifey" material. The comment angered Keyshia and led the singer to lash out and halt any future radio interviews for the time being. Hey! We all know Keyshia don't play so if you come at her, better come correct or don't come at all! Keyshia is not the first artist to go off on a radio show host. Whitney Houston did to Wendy Wiliams and Foxy Brown did it to Colby Colb in Philly.  
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