Brandy Returning To Music, Kelly Rowland Working On New Album

Any news is good news.
 Greetings everyone! I was just reading that Brandy plans to return to making music full time very soon. So does that mean we'll be getting new music this year? Perhaps. But as we all know Brandy typically takes her time recording her albums. So ideally early next year sounds about right to me. What do you think? Well why you think about that, Brandy's friend Kelly Rowland has officially left Universal Republic Records. The news was reported last week and now the singer has spoken out about it. She also is in the early stages of recording new music without the backing of the label. She did however go on to say that there are a few new deals on the table. In other news...Trey Songz has come out and denied rumors that he's gay. Apparently he was a Trending Topic on Twitter last night( I missed it) when it was posted via his Twitter that he was gay. Trey has released a few tweets on Twitter early this morning denying the rumors. Unfortunately those pesky gay rumors have not gone away and I don't see them going away anytime soon!
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