Anita Baker On The Run

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Greetings everyone on this Friday afternoon! I was just reading what I consider to be a pretty funny story regarding singer Anita Baker. We all know Anita for her late 80s hits such as Sweet Love. Anyway there is a warrant out for her arrest and the singer is reportedly on the run. It turns out that Anita failed to show up for a court hearing where she is being sued. Apparently a company did some work for the singer in her home and the singer allegedly has failed to pay up in the sum of $15,000 dollars. Ouch! Let's hope Anita doesn't stay hidden away too long. We'd hate to see one of our favorite songbirds in the slammer but it has happened. Below are some other divas who have had run-ins with the law. Check it out! 

Diana Ross
The famed Motown singer was arrested after being stopped for DWI or DUI(can't remember which one) in Arizona after a trip to Blockbuster Video. The footage of the arrest was plastered all over the media outlets when the story broke.

Jennifer Lopez
When J-Lo was dating Diddy, she got to experience life with a true "Bad Boy", hence the title of Diddy's label. The two along with rapper Shyne were arrested back in the day during a club brawl.  
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