Album Review: Ashanti - Braveheart

So! Just so you all know this is a pretty lengthy review so I'm just warning you ahead of time. It's been awhile since I reviewed an album. I typically only review albums I have an genuine interest in, one being Ashanti's long delayed album BraveHeart. The album starts with the Intro and the title track all rolled into one track. The Intro begins with Ashanti speaking about the last few years of her life and how its been an uphill battle. BraveHeart, the title track produced by LT Hutton features a repetitve hook that is very catchy indeed and will stay in your head. To be honest I'm not a fan of Ashanti's vocals on the album's first four songs. Though I do like Count(track #4) produced by Detail(producer: Drunk In Love), it is one of the more radio friendly songs on the album but I'm not particurly fond of Ashanti's vocal performance of the song. The song instantly reminds you of a song that could be easily performed by Rihanna or even Beyonce. The album's standout track in my opinion or the song worthy of being the next single is Early In The Morning featuring French Montana. The song is produced by DJ Clue and some other unknown producers. French Montana gives his best Future impersonation but he does it to fine effect. Ashanti and French both compliment each other and the song has garned repeated listens. At presstime Early In The Morning is #15 on the iTunes R&B/Soul Singles chart eclipsing the peak of her current single I Got It. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think I Got It ever reached that high on iTunes charts but Never Should Have might of peaked higher. Anyway 3 Words(track #6) produced by LT Hutton is another banger and finds Ashanti cooing and using her lower register which works perfectly for a song like this. Love Games(track #7) featuring Jeremih is also receiving high marks from listeners, fans and critics alike. Upon first hearing the song about a week ago, I was a little unsure about it. With repeated listens I am a much bigger fan of the song now. The song like Early is also high on the iTunes charts. As we know when an artist releases a new album, several of the album's cuts register on the iTunes charts and eventually Billboard during the album's first week run. Scars(track #8) is notable in the fact that the song is about Nelly as many songs are. The song is classic Ashanti and she rides the groove very well. I could see Urban radio playing this and supporting it if it got the right push. Then again I won't hold my breath. Ashanti's singles thus far haven't charted very well at all. Maybe that would change if she picks a more suitable single to follow up with I Got It. She Can't(track #10), by now many people have heard and is a favorite among fans and myself. Another favorite of mines is Don't Tell Me No(track #11) produced by Mansur is a song Ashanti previewed awhile back and it was another instant favorite among fans. If it weren't for the fans rallying around the song, it probably wouldn't of made the album's final track listing. BraveHeart is complete with a few bonus tracks depending on which version of the album you buy or download. There's the iTunes bonus cuts Perfect So Far produced by Rico Love(worked with Usher) and Never Too Far Away produced by LT Hutton. For the Target edition of BraveHeart you get Bonafide Survivor produced by Warryn Campbell(worked with Brandy) and RIP which are very great songs by the way. All in all Ashanti delivered a fine R&B album for the typical R&B fan. Of course this album may not be everyone's cup of tea as it is Ashanti and Ashanti at this point in her career is an acquired taste.

Standout cuts: Early In The Morning, Don't Tell Me No, 3 Words, Love Games,
Production: Timothy Bullock, Sharif, LT Hutton(Da Brat), Mansur, Detail(Beyonce), Warryn Campbell(Brandy), Rico Love(Jamie Foxx), etc.
Guest Appearances: Jeremih, Beenie Man, Rick Ross, French Montana
Release Date: March 4
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