Mariah Carey Upsets Fans With BET Honors Performance

Chal is serving the TEA!
Hey y'all! Mariah Carey's fans are upset after witnessing her performance at the BET Honors 2014 which aired on Monday night. Not only did Mariah cause headlines from her plunging neckline of a dress that revealed her breast but she is also under fire for her prerecorded vocals. I'm not exactly sure why fans are upset about the vocal performance part. It is no secret that Mariah no longer sings live and if she does, its because her backing track malfunctioned. She has been exposed as a lip syncer over the years and it simply is what it is. I think she chooses to lip sync most performances she is a perfectionist. I'm not making excuses for her but then too I just don't think she is a very confident vocalist since her voice has changed somewhat significantly over the years for the worse. Still love Mariah though! Her new album will be released on May 6. The album's first single, Your Mine(Eternal)(which will soon likely be regarded as a buzz single) is under performing currently. Mariah should of just went with #Beautiful as her lead single. The song performed on the charts much better and it was a different look and sound for Mariah. What the hell happened?
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