Rihanna Firing Up New LP, Chili Disses Queen B?

Chal is about to tell it like it T I S.
Happy New Year! If you weren't aware the Barabados beauty herself, Rihanna is working on new music, a new album slated to be released this year. It is said that Rihanna is readying a club jam with a team of the hottest writers and producers around. Well isn't that how Rihanna usually gets down? I'm sure whatever she releases, when she does releases will be as infectious as her past hits. Punch Rih!

On a completely different note, fans are upset at TLC's Chili for a New Years resolution list she made that urged everyone to stop using nicknames for Beyonce'. Included are "Bey", "Queen B" or the other variations of nicknames fans have used over the years. As you know fans were in a frenzy and went in on Chili via Twitter where she posted the nonsense. Rightfully so Chili explained what she meant by the blunder but urged fans not to get their panties in a bunch.

I like Chili, Lord knows I do but Chili has thrown shade at Beyonce' and Destiny's Child in the past and a host of other people. It's funny though because when people are called out on their bullshit, they like the backtrack. Though the Bey fans were out of line as normal, Chili did hold her own. It was really unnecessary for the Bey fans to threaten Chili's life and wish her death. People, its 2014. Start the year off right by not always indulging in what you consider nonsense.
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