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Hey y'all! I'd like to say this before divulging into my latest post. There are some errors below you might notice in spelling because my spell check didn't wanna work upon posting this. So anyway enjoy my latest 'music feed' and remember to 'get yo life'. So after Beyonce performed Drunk In Love at the Grammys word spread that the singer was lip syncing. Beyonce has yet to speak on the accussations. But this is not the first time Beyonce has been bit by the lip synching bug. Or is it? Read below to find out the singers who were either caught or rumored to be lip synching and the backlash they received upon doing so.

Mariah Carey
We all know Mariah Carey's live performances are pretty hit and miss these days and one of the reasons is because of the constant rumor that her live performance are lipped. In fact it was while Mimi promoted her single Touch My Body when her backing track started playing before she even put her mic to her mouth. Of course Mariah played it off and blamed the background singers for the melee. Classy indeed.

If that's not enough Mariah has been accussed of lip syncing most recently last year during her live performances for #Beautiful on Good Morning America, The BET Awards, and American Idol.

Beyonce sang at President Obama's inauguration and after her crystal clear vocal performance, many accussed the singer of lip syncing the performance. Though it was never quite proved, fans went on the defense for their beloved Beyonce and I believe Beyonce denied the rumors herself.

Elton John criticized Madonna a few years back when he accussed her of lip syncing on one of her tours. The criticism sparked a war of words between the two Pop icons.

Pink caught a little heat as well during her Grammy performance, not nearly as much heat as Beyonce caught. But many believe that Pink lip synched during her acrobatic performance.

When Cassie first burst onto the scene, she was a hot commodity. Her hit single Me & U was flooding MySpace and the radio airwaves. When it came time to promote the song live on TRL, the singer was notably caught off guard. Missing the cue to sing along to the backing track, Cassie was exposed as a lip synching artist. The damage was done though. Her debut album didn't live up to expectations and Cassie has been looking to revive her music career ever since. She did however release a hot ass mixtape last year Rock A Bye Baby. If that mixtape is any indication of her upcoming album then consider me sold. It doesn't hurt to have Diddy on her side as well as I'm sure he choose all the producers and guest artists.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears is frequently criticised about her live singing skills or lack thereof. Sometimes Britney gets a pass because of her elaborate dance moves. Lately though Britney has been a little lazy on stage and with that being said, she could stand to sing LIVE. No disrespect Ms. Spears.

Tamar Braxton
There have been some whispers that Tamar Braxton lipped a couple of performances of her song Love & War. I would simply blame the diva for not being in the best of voice doing every performance. Love & War contains a lot of vocal histronics. That's the thing when you do certain songs like that and release them as singles. Because fans expect to hear exactly what your replicated on the studio version of the song.
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