Michelle Williams Sounds Off On Beyonce's New Album

Chal is serving the TEA!
Hey ya'll! You know Chal stay getting the juice! Well if you didn't know now you do. With that being said I came across an article regarding Michelle Williams and Beyonce. It turns out Michelle is not too privy of Beyonce singing about her sex life on her new self-titled album. Michelle says "we don't need to know all that". Maybe not. Still it makes for an interesting listen and makes Beyonce appear more human than she has in years in my opinion. Of course the open sexuality Beyonce has expressed on this album took a minute to get used to but I love it personally. Speaking of Beyonce I loved her performance of Drunk In Love despite what other people thought. I think she kept it sexy without doing too much. Jay Z of course was Jay Z. I mean what can you say about him but I did like that little dance and embrace they did near the end of the performance. Cute! 

While I'm on the subject of Beyonce, The-Dream has announced that he's been summoned back to the studio by Beyonce to work on new music! Of course this news has people in an uproar and you know The-Dream can't contain himself when talking about Beyonce. Ever! Something tells me Beyonce will have some words with The-Dream for his little announcement. You know Beyonce don't like the public knowing what she's cooking up in the studio until its released or secretly released!
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