Ciara Confirms Pregnancy, Talks Marriage On 'The View'

Chal is serving the TEA!
Goood afternoon everyone! Ciara has finally confirmed what everyone has been saying for the last few months. The singer is indeed pregnant! She confirmed the news today on The View where talk show host Barbara Walters asked her. The singer stood up and bared her big ole belly. No word on when the baby is due. Elsewhere Ciara talked about her reuniting with L.A. Reid and working on a new album which she started back in November. She also revealed that she will indeed get married this year to Future. Wow! Congrats to the couple!

In other music news..I was reading that not a single lead black artist topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2013. This is the first in the chart's 55 year history. Of course black artists were featured on monster hits such as Blurred Lines and The Monster. But they were not the lead artists. Conspiracy or coincidence? What do you think? I don't have a thought really in regards to this. Let's just hope this changes in the new year.
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