Ashanti Pushes Album Back, Beyonce Outsells Last Album

Hey y'all! How is everyone's Saturday night shaping up? Mine is great. I've been out and about earlier today now I'm just at home relaxing watching this free HBO. Of course all the while I was surfing the internet(do you people even still say that) and I found out that Ashanti has pushed her album back once again. I'm assuming this is the last time it'll be pushed back. The new date for BraveHeart is March 4. The album will feature the Rick Ross assisted single I Got It. A video is in the works and should debut soon. I was expecting a pushback and I'm hoping this is the absolute last pushback. Only time will tell though. #braveheart #2014

In other music news...Beyonce's recently released self-titled album has outsold her last album 4. 4 has sold 1.3 million copies in its initial run. That's the amount that Beyonce has sold in 4 weeks time. Beyonce features the hit singles XO and Drunk In Love. I don't get why this is news but it is news. When you think about albums and someone such as Beyonce who has a few albums under her belt, albums sell differently overtime depending on a variety of factors. Beyonce was released at the right time. There was already an anticipation for this album and once the album was secretly released, fans went wild and had to grasp their copy of the album. 4 was heavily anticipated as well but it didn't help that the album's lead single Run The World(Girls) was poorly received on the charts. It didn't help matters when the other follow up singles weren't as huge as previous Beyonce's singles. Not to say 4 wasn't a good album because it was a really good album in my opinion, but Beyonce(the album) had a little more hyped tied to it hence it selling so many copies in such a short amount of time.
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