Pebbles At It Again...This Time With VH1

Pebbles is at it again! My gosh this is the most press she's gotten since the 80s. Please believe that! I am being shady but I do like Pebbles from back in the day. Apparently Pebbles isn't happy with the money hungry diva TLC made her out to be in their biopic which aired two weeks ago. Of course Pebbles is suing people left and right. Apparently she needs the money but this certainly nothing new. Any time anyone is portrayed in a movie specifically a biopic they are liable to be upset with their portrayal. It makes sense but again this is TLC's side of the story, not hers.

Pebbles is working with her lawyer to get retractions from VH1 and their biopic. Sounds like we won't be hearing the end of this Pebbles vs. everyone saga anytime soon. I won't be surprised if Pebbles herself has some type of project in the works she wants to promote.
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