Music Feed: The TLC Biopic Aftermath

The TLC biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story has ruffled quite a few feathers in the days since its premiere on VH1. Pebbles, the former manager of TLC has been quoted saying that she would sue if details of her involvement(with TLC) were false. Pebbles own children have also spoken out defending their Mother, though I don't believe they were born when Pebbles worked with TLC. If they were they were surely much too young to remember any of it.

Pebbles rose to fame in the late 80s with singles like Mercedes Boy. She was also married to L.A. Reid, one half of the masterminds behind LaFace Records. She began managing TLC at the beginning of their career. She is responsible for bringing TLC together. During TLC's Behind The Music, Pebbles spoke candidly about her involvement with TLC. It was after the bad press that Pebbles received that she left the music industry.

Crystal Jones
Crystal Jones was the original "C" in TLC. She was replaced after she failed to carry a note and dance as thoroughly as Left Eye and T-Boz. Of course Crystal has also spoken out about her portrayal in the movie and now wants to write a tell all book! I don't think Crystal's story is all that interesting to warrant a tell all book. I could see if she had gone on to do something else worthwhile after TLC but she hasn't, that we know of. She is simply coming off someone who is simply trying to gain some fame from the movie, in other words she is simply an opportunist!

Aaron Reid
Aaron Reid is the son of Pebbles and L.A. Reid. We may know Aaron most famously from his 16th birthday bash on MTV's My Sweet 16. Some of us may also know him from when he awkwardly exposed himself with a nude pic. Many of us lost our lunch after the fact.

Aaron has been on Twitter defending his Mom which is understandable. Like I said though I do believe he is too young to really speak on something he has no idea about. I'm sure his Mother has told him stories but still this is TLC's version of the events. Pebbles could perhaps tell her own story which I hear she is eager to do. Wendy Williams anyone?
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