Music Feed: Artists That Have Gone The Indie Route

I think I've said this before, once you've done a blog as long as I have, you think you've run out of things to talk about. I think I may of rehashed some topics on here over the years but there's nothing like a fresh update.

Over the last few years we have seen several of our Black R&B artists shift from major record labels to indie record labels. Some of the moves have been shocking at best. Some artists have greatly been impacted by moving to an indie label while other artists have suffered and struggle to keep their careers afloat. I have compiled a list of R&B artists who have famously left(or been dropped) from their major labels and now are indie artists. Check it out!

Faith Evans
Faith's first five albums were released through such record labels as Bad Boy, Arista, and Capitol Records. It was after her brief stint with L.A. based Capitol Records that Faith Evans chose to release her next recording, Something About Faith on eOne Records. The album was a failure commercially and a wrench in Faith's otherwise successful record slate.

After starring on two seasons of TV One's R&B Divas Atlanta the singer is looking to redeem herself with a new album Incomparable due in 2014. Whether or not this album will be released on an indie label remains unknown. I am hoping that Faith links back up with a major label because she's better off that way. I mean I understood she did what she had to do at the time but if she does another indie label deal, I hope its better thought out.

Like Faith Evans, I think Ashanti benefits better from that of a major record label but what do I know. I'm just a blogger right? But I have my opinions like everyone else. Ashanti released five albums under the Def Jam wing until being let go by subsidary The Inc. In 2011 Ashanti released her first solo work as an indie artists on eOne Records titled The Woman You Love featuring Busta Rhymes. The single was a moderate success on the R&B charts but subsequent singles have failed.

I almost feel like Ashanti needs to add Irv Gotti back into her mix. He did do a track for her that leaked out titled No One Greater. I say that because he knows her best musically. They don't have to do a full fledged reunion but his input would surely help. Ashanti has struggled to land a hit single in recent years but she does keep herself out there.

Vivian Green
Vivian Green released two album on Columbia Records, her debut A Love Story went gold. After her sophomore album Vivian was released to little fanfare, her next album release The Green Room was quietly released on eOne Records.

Have you noticed a pattern here yet? Most artists sign to eOne being that their the #1 independent music label.

Donnell Jones
Donnell Jones' tenure with LaFace and Arista Records lasted well over a decade before he found himself also signed to eOne Records. He recently released the album Forever which made a splash on the R&B charts upon its release.

Michelle Williams
The former Destiny's Child member's first few albums were released through Columbia Records. Now for her new project Journey To Freedom due next year, the singer is with eOne Records as well.

Michelle will also benefit from the presence of Destiny Child's members, past and present but how will she fare independently?

Marques Houston
Marques Houston spent many years on major record labels such as MCA, EMI(Capitol), and Epic(??) Records before branching out independently. He's one of the few Black artists that hasn't signed to eOne but has been independent for quite a few years.

Shanice was signed to Motown and LaFace Records back in the day before branching out on her own. The singer has released one independent album to this day which made a dent on the charts upon its release. The singer is currently working on a new music and has a new reality TV show in the works.

Bobby V.
Bobby V. is another artist who was signed to a major label, Def Jam and DTP(Disturbing The Peace) before going the indie route. The singer stays active releasing albums and singles and even making some big guest appearances on records from Lil' Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

So as you see indie may suit some artists better than others. Some artists know how to work the indie records thing while others are still catching on. With major record labels your presence is huger and you have a machine but the same can be done on an independent label if its done correctly.
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