Mariah Unveils New Single, Pharrell Vs. Will.I.Am

So its been revealed that Mariah Carey will release her new single The Art Of Letting Go on November 11. The new single is the rumored titled for Mariah's upcoming album which currently has no release date.

While we await Mariah's new music, there is a battle brewing between two R&B/Hip Hop/Pop producers; Pharrell and Will.I.Am. The two producers are battling over the trademark of the phrase 'I Am' which Will.I.Am feels he owns the rights to. The two have traded a few insults but at the end of the day do we really care?? Why don't you guys continue to produce good music! A phrase such as 'I Am' should never be that serious. I'm just saying!

Speaking of battles, a fan of K. Michelle's was upset when the singer refused a photo op after a New York concert. The fan took to social media to call out K. Michelle and in typical K. Michelle fashion, she reponded hastily calling the fan a "monkey". Ouch! We all know not to get on K. Michelle's bad side. She will READ you in a minute's notice!

K. Michelle's current single V.S.O.P. just hit the Top 5 on Urban radio! Congrats!
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