K. Michelle To Release 2nd Single, Kelly Rowland Father Drama

K. Michelle will release Can't Raise A Man as the second single off her album Rebellious Soul released this past August. You can catch K. Michelle on the new season of Love & Hip Hop airing on August 28.

I have a hard time believing K. Michelle is only on her second single. I'm guessing those other songs and videos were just viral ones.

In other news...I've read that Kelly Rowland's biological father wants back in her life. I'm sure he does now that his daughter is really out there. The singer currently serves as a judge on The X Factor. And speaking of Kelly Rowland, Keyshia Cole spoke out about her feud with Michelle Williams saying that their "cool" and everything has been resolved. To catch you up to speed, Keyshia tweeted negative comments about Michelle during the Super Bowl. Keyshia says it was only in retaliation to something Michelle retweeted about her prior to that. Anyway I'm glad the ladies have put the beef behind them. Oh yeah and Keyshia Cole is working on a new album and plans to release a new mixtape.
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