Toni Braxton Hit Meant For Brandy, Amel Larrieux Returns

It's been a slow news week, all week if you ask me. I mean there have been some things going on but not all like that. I mean we did have the Rihanna vs. Teyana Taylor beef. That was good for a few minutes right? Well here's some little news tidbits for you all today! Enjoy!

Remember Toni Braxton's 1996 hit You're Makin' Me High? Well it turns out that the track was originally for Brandy! Who would've thought? Could you imagine Brandy singing that?

I just so happen to come across the news on a forum I frequent.

So......Remember Amel Larrieux? She was the front woman of the 90's group Groove Theory. Now the singer is back with a new album, Ice Cream Everyday. The album is due October 22 and it contains the first single, Afraid.
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