Music Feed: When Rappers Call Out Female Singers

I swear after you've done so many blogs, you forget some of the things you've blogged about over the years. Even if you go through the vaults and look to see if you talked about this or that, it still remains to be seen. Well anyhoo if I have done a blog like this in the past my apologies. Nothing wrong with doing an update of sorts right? Well fresh off the heels of Gucci Mane's recent Twitter rant, I have compiled a list of rappers who have notoriously called out female singers over claims of sexual relations. Of course all women involved denied the allegations. It makes you think though. Were the men really telling the truth or simply lying on their d!ck?

2Pac & Faith Evans
I start with one of the most notorious allegations which was started by 2 Pac when he insinuated that he slept with Faith Evans. At the time Faith Evans was married to Notorious B.I.G, 2 Pac's nemesis. Of course Faith denied the allegations even though there were pictures of the two. To this day Faith still denies any sexual relationship with 2 Pac.

Game & Mya
Game made it no secret he had a thing for Mya on his song Dreams. The notorious rapper even went as far as including Mya in the video, in a bedroom scene. Now some of my information on this may be a bit hazy but I do believe Game insinuated something did go down between he and Mya. I think Mya denied the story.

50 Cent & Mya
Mya has a history with rappers. There were rumors at one time she was doing a tell all book. Now that would of been juicy. Mya has been linked to many rappers and singers alike. 50 Cent, known for his outspoken candor claimed he bedded Mya as well. Mya answered back with a retort that shocked many insinuating that 50 Cent didn't bed her but did bed Lloyd Banks! Ouch!

Eminem & Mariah Carey
Like 2 Pac & Faith Evans, Eminem's claims of sexual relations with Mariah Carey has legs. Its a story that pops up every now and then even though Mariah is happily married. The two have a long standing feud thanks to Eminem's claims. The onslaught of the feud can be heard in a variety of songs between both musicians.

Mariah continues to deny she was ever sexually involved with Eminem stating "I don't eat M&M's". Shade!

Gucci Mane & Keyshia Cole, Fantasia, Kelly Rowland, Ciara
Last but certainly not the least, the story responsible for this blog comes under a day of claims about sexual relations involving several women in R&B. Gucci didn't mince words as he called out several ladies and their sexual situations. Many of the women responded by denying the rumors and lambasting Gucci in the process.

Some are saying Gucci's Twitter was hacked and maybe it was. Until then it remains one of the juiciest stories to hit the net in awhile.
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