Music Feed: R&Beef Divas

The ladies that make up R&B these days are no punks! They have been getting down and dirty via Twitter and on TV. Check them out in all their glory!

Kelly Price vs. Chante' Moore & Lil' Mo
Whether you watch TV One's R&B Divas L.A. or not I'm sure you've heard of the impending beef between singers Kelly Price, Chante' Moore, and Lil' Mo. If you follow the show the show spearheaded by Kelly Price, or the concept whether to do a monologue was soon overtaken by Chante' Moore. Kelly eventually became irritated and upset about the revelation and soon took heed. It resulted in some not so subliminal shade, threats, and various accusations. The show has cast Kelly Price in an ugly light and seeing the show I am no longer a fan of the singer myself.

Lil' Mo's part in the whole ordeal is because she more or less sided with Chante' but the only person really who was #TeamKelly was Dawn Robinson who was like the Cynthia Bailey to NeNe Leaks on Atlanta Housewives.

Tamar Braxton vs. K. Michelle
I'm really not sure the origin of the beef between these two singers. They both have strong personalities and are not afraid to speak their minds, maybe that's why they are constantly butting head and insulting each other every chance they get. Frankly I'm a little tired of hearing about the beef and this only takes away from the talent of both ladies. I hope one day they can truly mend fences and move on.

Rihanna vs. Ciara
Rihanna obviously feels some type of way about Ciara, maybe its because she wanted a stab at Future. I mean she did collaborate with him on of 2012/2013's hottest songs Loveeeeeeee Song. Whether or not that is the real deal behind the beef, Ciara was usually the sensible one until she had enough of Rihanna's constant belittling and humiliation.

This beef actually goes back a couple of years and it festered awhile and it came back to surface. I do hope this one is over too as its a pretty stupid one.

Keyshia Cole vs. Michelle Williams
These two ladies had a feud, notice I said "had". The feud is over. Notice how I change between the words "feud" and "beef". Anyway the two singers made up via Twitter, the same place where their fight began. Keyshia, making comments about Michelle during the Super Bowl. Apparently Michelle has made some disparaging remarks against Keyshia back in the day which was the onslaught of everything.

I am glad that the ladies have buried the hatchet! Keyshia caught a lot of flack for her comments and I'm sure, she too is glad this is over.
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