JoJo's Label Responds To Lawsuit, Tamar Braxton, K. Michelle Feud Continues

The lawsuit between JoJo and Blackground Records continues. The record company finally responded to JoJo's lawsuit and wants her to dismiss the charges. If you want to read more about the legalities of this case click here.

The war wages on between R&B divas Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle. The R&B ladies have been trading hurls of insults via Twitter over album sales, singing abilities, personal lives, and more. Maybe this is just a publicity stunt. I can't even remember how their feud originated. K. Michelle did buy a copy of Tamar Braxton's album to support her but Tamar is the one who is keeping the feud going and I think its for the record buying sake. You know they say, "There's no such thing as bad publicity". But at the end of the day Tamar is doing well and so is K. Michelle so let it go.

This situation reminds me of when Rihanna kept throwing pebbles at Ciara. Why though? Your so much more successful at this point, not taking away from Ciara but you all understand what I mean.
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