Day 26 Reunites, LeToya Luckett Fans Call Her Out

If Danity Kane reuniting wasn't enough another famed Bad Boy group is back together, Day 26. The members are back in the studio and working on a new album. Whether or not the group is still recording for Atlantic Records is another story. As more details emerge regarding Day 26 and their return I will let you know.

I think its good when groups reunite even if its just for a show or to do another album. It lets you know that everyone has grown or are willing to put differences aside. There's power in numbers!

Speaking of groups two members of a group; past and present came together for a recent video shoot. In the video for Michelle Williams' If We Had Your Eyes, LeToya Luckett makes an appearance as one of the wayward girls Michelle sings about. The song and message probably couldn't of come at a better time. Recently LeToya found herself the subject of a vicious letter by a fan who runs her fan site. The outraged fan blasted LeToya for turning her back on her fans as well as her music career. He forewarned her that if she didn't reply to the letter, he would be done with her and the site for GOOD! Turns out his threat worked! It wasn't long before LeToya reached out to her fan(s) and made good.

While I am on the subject of kissing and making up, Brandy and her once volatile relationship with journalist Jawn Murray has come to an end! The two ran into each other at Megafest and came face to face. It was then when the two decided to bury the hatchet. Over the years Murray has heavily criticized Brandy's personal life and career choices. I was never sure of the origin of their beef but I can say I'm glad it's over. 
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