Ashanti Talks Delayed Album Release On UStream

Okay before you even begin, this is a lengthy read so prepare yourself. I watched Ashanti's UStream video earlier and she gave quite a bit of updates on everything about her new album, new movie, and more. Ashanti started off her UStream video with some connection problems before going live. She answered a handful of questions and provided several album snippets from BraveHeart. Some of the songs that were played were Don't Tell Me No(HOT!), Anything, I Got It featuring Future, She Can't, Paradise, and more. There is talk about releasing a possible mix tape but I won't hold my breath. She insists a rapper friend of hers(NELLY Anyone?) told her to release a mix tape eons ago. And the one question everyone wanted to know, "When is the album coming out?". The question was never quite answered but Ashanti wants to give the album the proper setup i.e. a successful single. She eluded to why BraveHeart has been on the back burner for nearly two years. One of the many reasons she gave was song clearances, producers, egos, and the industry as a whole. I can say I believe that. I know a lot goes on behind the scenes that we don't know about. Still I believe if Ashanti wanted to release BraveHeart she could. Ashanti is still behaving like she is on a major label when in fact she's an indie artist now. Ashanti mentioned she has recorded close to 100 songs. She spoke about a possible duet with Nas, Ja Rule in the studio and having recorded over eight songs, her love for Mariah Carey, not sure what happened to the release of Woman To Woman with Keyshia Cole, etc.

Besides music Ashanti mentioned that she's waiting to hear whether Army Wives will be renewed for season eight. Her new Christmas movie will either appear in theaters or on TV. She says if it does appear on TV the residuals(MONEY!) is nice! Don't blame her there! The talk of a possibly reality show has been mentioned to Ashanti over the years. At the time of the offer she turned it down but said the paycheck would of been huge. Apparently money is not an issue to Ashanti. I recently read that Ashanti is worth $40 million dollars. Go figure!

Ashanti didn't hesitate to call out some unnamed producers! She once again spoke about egos and producers and having had text messages from producers that could get them in TROUBLE! Hmm I can only wonder what those text messages elude to. As far as the mix tape release Ashanti says producers have to be willing to let certain tracks be done for free to appear on a mix tape. Everyone has to be in cahoots! That was when she went into the spill about the producers and their egos. I can believe it. I know a lot of producers have reputations. Oh yeah! The album cover floating around for BraveHeart is not official!

Until your next Ashanti update which will likely be another album push back! :-) Have a good one folks!
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