Usher's Son Hospitalized, Fantasia Suffers Stage Mishap

It's been a plethora of music news lately. I'll start things off with the condition of Usher's son who almost drowned in a pool at the singer's Atlanta home. Thankfully Usher's son was saved by two men working who performed CPR. Usher's son is currently in intensive care. The accident prompted Usher's ex Tameka Foster to file a court hearing over custody.

I call this story "Another Day In The Life Of Usher". I say that because its always drama attached to Usher and his ex-wife. Unfortunately the last two years for Usher's kids haven't been good either. Last year's Usher's stepson Kile Glover died after being struck by a jet ski. When I think about "Another Day In The Life Of Usher" sounds like a good album title for the new Usher album which he is currently working on as well.

If Usher's life is not dramatic enough for you, try this, Fantasia was the opening act for group TGT(Tyrese Ginuwine Tank), that's dramatic in itself. Anyway the singer appeared on stage to several stage mishaps including cut off mics. The move prompted Fantasia to angrily spew a few words to concert goers before exiting the stage.

Maybe Ms. Tyrese had a fear of being upstaged by good ole Fantasia! Can't say I blame him but all the cut off mics and nonsense was pretty childish if you ask me.

In some more delightful news...This November look forward to a new Rihanna album as if that's any surprise to anyone. I'm sure it will be good and well received like all of her albums. Kelly Rowland will release Gone featuring Wiz Khalifa as the next single from her album Talk A Good Game.

And now you are all caught up with all the music news for now until more becomes available and at this rate more will be coming soon. Don't you just love it?
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