Raz B Coma Hoax, Kelly Rowland Re-Releasing Album

One person who knows how to conjure up controversy is former B2K member Raz B. The singer known for his accusations surrounding B2K and others was apparently in a coma. The singer suffered a blow to the head after performing and breaking up a fight in a club in China. Apparently now its been reported that while Raz B suffered injuries he is not in a coma and the rumor was simply a hoax.

So that's that...

Moving on...Kelly Rowland is reportedly re-releasing her Talk A Good Game album! Why? I don't know for sure but maybe that will help the sales of the album. Kelly has released a handful of singles which have all done well by the way. I just think the album should of been released much sooner and it probably would of sold more.

There is no word yet on how soon we can expect the re-release but I personally won't be holding my breath.

In some more joyous news...Monica is having a baby girl. The singer is currently pregnant with her third child. Congrats to Mo and her family!
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