Music Feed: R&B Divas L.A. Recap 08/07/2013

I was compelled to blog about tonight's episode of TV One's R&B Divas L.A. I have been watching the show since its premiere last month. The show is more enjoyable than R&B Divas Atlanta who wore out their welcome in its second season. Of course shows like these are not complete without drama. As a matter of fact a show like this thrives off of drama.

Singer Kelly Price, one of six R&B Divas is spearheading a monologue titled "Not Ya Mama's Monologue". The monologue is to feature each R&B Diva(Chante Moore, Claudette Ortiz, Lil' Mo, Michel'e, Dawn, and Kelly) speaking on various experiences they've all endured. Kelly set the plans in motion on the premiere episode and the whole thing has gone downhill since. The ladies have yet to come to terms on an actual director to cast the monologue. Chante Moore and Lil' Mo sided with director Fred. Kelly Price is not feeling this obviously because she feels she's lost control of her "vision". Problem is Kelly Price should of had all this established from jump. Instead she did not, which in turn left the other women antsy and ready to collaborate on the monologue, with or without Kelly. Of course this takes Kelly by surprise and later upsets her causing her to appear angry and confrontational towards Chante Moore and director Fred. Kelly said that Chante "talked behind her back" but for whatever reason the audience has no idea what she's talking about(bad editing).

The disagreements continue and Kelly Price and Chante Moore have more words and what really got me is Kelly's attitude. I understand her being a little upset because the girls kind of just elected someone which they told her. But that was also the time to also say "Well hey I have someone else in mind!". She did however state that she wasn't feeling the idea of the guy but that was it. With the girls being unmotivated and antsy they took matters into their own hands against the wishes of Kelly. That's where a lot of the tension stems from and we got to see the REAL KELLY PRICE, the one you've read about in blind items and from gossip on the set of R&B Divas L.A.

While I was on Twitter tonight people wasted little time expressing their disdain towards Kelly Price. The things people were saying were very funny and entertaining but true. I read on a forum that Kelly has gotten it pretty bad from JUMP! Rightfully so her attitude is very NASTY! She is the Nicci Gilbert of R&B Divas L.A. I think it will be awhile before Kelly can recover from the amount of bad press she is getting from this show! NO! I don't usually do recaps like this but I was just compelled to speak on this.

Speaking of R&B Divas...Wendy Williams has been tapped to host the reunion which went down last night! I reported the news a day or so ago. Can't wait to see that!
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