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Music Feed: Artists vs. Labels

The artists below have famously fought with their labels over everything from money to contract disputes. Check them out!

Toni Braxton
We are all aware of Toni Braxton's legal troubles over the years most notably with her record label LaFace Records. After Toni Braxton's first bankruptcy she was forced to sue her label. It resulted in a nasty battle between the two that went on for two years. Toni was eventually rewarded $20 million dollars.

After the smoke was clear Toni went back in the studio and released her last album on LaFace Records in The Heat released in 2000. Toni's bouts with bankruptcy and label drama was well-documented in an 2012 episode of VH1's Behind The Music...or was it 2013.

JoJo has recently been in the headlines for her lawsuit against label Blackground Records, once home to acts such as the late Aaliyah, Toni Braxton and Tank. The singer is furious at the label for holding her under a contract that she wishes to leave. The singer is currently suing her label for failing to release her new album over the course of seven years. The singer wishes to get out of her extended contract.

Over the years JoJo has released mixtapes and free music to hold her fans over while fighting her label.

Like their former label mate Toni Braxton, TLC's drama in the industry has been well-documented. It all came to a head when the group filed for bankruptcy. The famed trio most notably took matters into their own hands threatening many of the label heads at LaFace and Arista, including Clive Davis. A settlement was later resolved and the group came together to release their 1999 album FanMail.

TLC is currently in the midst of a new tour and a new Greatest Hits album is on the way. Their biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story will air on VH1 in October.

Teena Marie
I was a little unfamiliar with Teena Marie's bout with Motown Records so I researched a little. I knew their was a lawsuit involved and this is some of the info summed up to the best of my ability. In 1982 Teena Marie sued Motown Records over nonpayment of royalties. The label counter sued when Teena signed to another record label(Epic). Motown claimed Teena owed them one more album under her contract. Motown eventually gave in and backed down settling out of court.

The win led to the "Teena Marie Bill" being passed. The bill noted that labels can't hold artists under a contract for not releasing an album. Also an artist must be paid at least $6,000 a year while under contract.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson famously blasted Sony Records and Tommy Mottola when his album Invincible only sold 2 million copies here in the States. Of course an artist of Michael's stature is known to sell upwards of that number. By 2001 when Invincible was released album sales were starting to cool off due to peer-to-peer programs like Napster.

Michael went as far as calling label head Tommy Mottola a "devil" and launched a full attack.
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