Mariah Carey Mad At Kanye West, Island Def Jam

Mariah Carey is fuming! She is mad at her record company Island Def Jam for investing too much energy into Kanye Wests' recent album Yeezus. While on the other hand her upcoming album reportedly titled The Art Of Letting Go has been on the back burner. Originally set for release on July 23 The Art Of Letting Go was pushed back when Mariah clamored to finish up the album. The album's first single #Beautiful featuring Miguel was a hit! It probably wasn't as a big of a hit as Mariah and Island Def Jam imagined it to be. It was still a decent chart showing for an artist of her repertoire.

It was during a recent meeting with Island Def Jam that Mariah allegedly threw a diva fit! She accused Kanye West of being a "self-centered cry baby". A label exec who heard the rant went back and told Kanye. Kanye has since reached out to Mariah but Mariah has yet to return his calls.

If that's not an interesting story for you I have one that may be even more interesting. I remember learning about a story from back in the day about Mariah. Reportedly she was visiting the Sony Records offices in New York City. She came across a poster of label mate Celine Dion that was significantly larger than hers and made a big fuss.

So what do you think about Mariah sounding off on Kanye? Do you agree with what she said? We all know Kanye is a "self centered cry baby" but that's definitely not helping that album of his move off the shelves now is it? What Kanye's Yeezus album has sold commercially as of now(500,000+) is usually what he does first week in sales. So you can see the drop off in sales.
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