Chris Brown Drops New Single, Begs Beyonce For Duet

Chris Brown is drawing more attention to himself in both negative and positive ways. I guess I will get the negative out the way. The controversial singer called out a few rappers on Twitter stating for them to see him "by yourself" meaning with no crew. Whatever that means. Chris is starting to have too many foes in the industry if you ask me. Anyway he will be releasing more new music. His newest single Autumn Leaves is described as a "ballad" featuring Kendrick Lamar.

What a good idea Chris, saturate the industry with music and drop a song with Kendrick Lamar who has a lot of people talking after his verse on Big Sean's Control. I'm not mad at that move. What's more interesting is that Chris is begging Beyonce to duet with him. I know a duet between the two could happen easily being they record for the same record label, Sony. I just think some of the bridges that Chris has burned will make a collaboration unlikely at this time. Maybe in the future though but Chris says X is his last album and from what I read X has no release date. Bummer!
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