Beyonce' Shooting New Video, Ashanti's Album Scrapped

Beyonce' is one who definitely moves in silence. Though we catch glimpses of her shooting videos and taking photos we never truly know what their for at that moment. Here is some more news to keep your imagination running wild...Beyonce' is keeping busy by shooting a top secret video at Coney Island in New York. Beyonce' reportedly had an ear set on so only she could hear the song so the public couldn't hear it yet. Beyonce's new album release has been shrouded in mystery. Only a handful of details have been available mostly from producers who have lent songs to Beyonce'. There were rumors that her album had been scrapped but no one truly really knows. I guess we will have to wait and see what comes of this video.

Speaking of scrapped albums...its been revealed that Ashanti's oft-delayed album BraveHeart has been scrapped! I think its pretty sad when the only news I really have for Ashanti is the constant push back of her album. Though I did report a few days ago that she had some other projects in the works. She has an upcoming movie coming in December 2014 as well as a lead in season 8 of Lifetime's Army Wives. But back to the scrapping of  BraveHeart...I had read something about her album being scrapped before but I wasn't sure if that were the case or not. But I just read that the album has been officially scrapped! So with that being said I'm really not sure what's next for Ashanti on the music front? She did promise fans that she would let them know what was going on with BraveHeart very soon. Maybe that will be part of the announcement!
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