Ashanti Pushes Album Back, Stars In New Movie

So here's the latest with Ashanti if anyone cares. The singer is now releasing her oft delayed album Braveheart on October 1. I would assume that a new single will be released in the coming weeks. The song I Got It featuring Future leaked out awhile back in snippet form. The response to the song was pretty positive. If Ashanti knows what is good for her she will release that song since Future is hot right now. She has done good on the whole keeping herself out there thing but she needs to just release this album for crying out loud. Her producer L.T. Hutton posted a Instavideo of his daughter dancing to Ashanti's Braveheart song and fans were upset! There were tons of comments of disdain stating how the public won't ever hear the album and at least someone(L.T. Hutton's daughter) gets to hear the album cause we won't. Ouch! They were going in!

In other Ashanti news the singer will star in the movie Christmas In The City to be released in December 2014. She is also gearing up for a tour in Japan and a new season(season 8) of Lifetime's Army Wives.
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