Mariah Carey Filming New Video With Miguel, Hit Producer Reveals Hit Song Origin

Mariah Carey was spotted overseas with Miguel. The two are responsible for the current hit #Beautiful. #Beautiful will appear on Mariah Carey's new album The Art Of Letting Go due July 23.

Word is that Mariah and Miguel are shooting a video perhaps for #Beautiful Remix or perhaps a totally different track. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet but stay tuned.

#Beautiful is currently one of my favorite songs out right now and I'm anticipating what Mariah will give us on this upcoming album.

Moving on...I was reading up on one of the music forums I frequent. It was revealed by producer Bangladesh that the track Diva(performed by Beyonce) was originally intended for Keyshia Cole. Keyshia liked the track but wasn't completely satisfied with it and that's when Bangladesh later shopped the song to Beyonce(who liked the track). By the time Keyshia had a change of mind Beyonce had already had the track cemented. Diva appeared on Beyonce's I Am...Sasha Fierce album.

It's always fascinating to me to find out the origin of songs and who they were intended for  originally.
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