Album Review: Kelly Rowland - Talk A Good Game

Guests: Wiz Khalifa, The-Dream, Pharrell Williams, Pusha T, Kevin Cossum, Beyonce, Michelle Williams
Production/Writers: Harmony Samuels(worked with Fantasia), Danja, Mike Will Made It, Pharrell Williams, The Runners
Release Date: June 18, 2013
Overview/Review: Talk A Good Game is the newest album from Kelly Rowland. It features the hit singles Kisses Down Low and Dirty Laundry. Ice featuring Lil' Wayne is suspiciously absent from the album despite being a minor hit when it was released nearly a year ago. Maybe that's why it wasn't included on the album being that it was released so long ago. Then again who really knows why the song was left off. I don't recall Kelly being asked about it...yet.

Kelly has been making the rounds on TV in the last few weeks most notably on Good Morning America, Watch What Happens Live, and appearance on Wendy next week. As of now Talk A Good Game is estimated to sell 65K copies in its first week of release. If that is so it will be her lowest first week sale thus far which seems odd. Being that Kelly is all over radio with multiple singles her album is not moving as swiftly as some of the other albums released the same day(Kanye, J. Cole, Mac Miller). Still don't count Kelly out just yet! With a well rounded album this album could prove to have legs.

Freak starts the album off. Interestingly enough the song was also covered by Jamie Foxx. The song is described as a "Thriller" esque song about sex and Kelly definitely conveys the song message with thrilling results.
Gone with Wiz Khalifa is pretty bland in my opinion. The song really doesn't go anywhere and could of been swapped with a song that didn't make the album.
Talk A Good Game is everything you would a song with this title to be. The song features an effective rap from Kevin Cossum. I'm not all that familiar with Kevin Cossum but its not my first time hearing of him.
Down On Love...I can't say I've given the song a fair chance just yet so I can't say much at this point.
Dirty this time everyone has heard this song and some may be sick of it. I like the song but its not a song I want to hear all the time. Radio here plays it like crazy though.
You Changed featuring Beyonce and Michelle(Williams) is the much hyped about reunion from Destiny's Child after releasing another track Nuclear earlier in the year. The song is pretty forgettable to me.
I Remember is decent. I may have to give it a few more spins to let it really sink in.
Red Wine is one of the highlights on the album. I instantly get lost in the lush arrangement.
This Is Love is cool and its not to be confused with another Kelly song of the same name.
Street Life is my favorite song on the album! Kelly has performed the song on Good Morning America and will as well on Wendy. The song was produced by Pharrell and being that I'm a big fan of Pharrell I love it even more. Being there have been multiple performances of this song it begs the question if this will be released as a single. Now the "fans" may bark at this choice but given Pharrell's current visibility the label may consider it though.
Stand In Front Of Me has been described as a Motown esque ballad and I'd have to agree. The song was produced by Pharrell and its another favorite of mine.

Talk A Good Game is available in several versions most notably Standard, Deluxe, iTunes exclusives, and Target exclusives. Those tracks include Feet To The Fire, Sky Walker featuring The-Dream, Number 1, Put Your Name On It, and more.

All in all Kelly has managed to put together a pretty cohesive album. Not all the tracks are thoroughly enjoyable to me but the album does flow nice. 
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