Kelly Rowland Breaks Down, Nicki Minaj Returns To Hip-Hop

Kelly Rowland breaks down! It was during a concert a day or so ago when she was performing her new hit single Dirty Laundry. The song which immediately drew a lot of controversy deals with an abused relationship and her feelings over Beyonce.

Beyonce appears on Kelly Rowland's new album along with Michelle[Williams] on a track titled You Changed(which leaked out today).

Nicki Minaj is back in the studio working on her third album. She says this album will be more "Hip Hop" than her last offering. While Nicki doesn't regret anything she's done in the past she's ready to tap back to Urban roots.

I certainly can't be mad at her about that. I think she lost people with the last album. Yes, it was a success but many still longed for the old Hip Hop/mixtape Nicki.

In other news...

I was browsing some of the music forums I frequent. I found out some interesting news that I wanted to share. Producer Shep Crawford revealed in a recent interview that the hit song Stranger In My House recorded by Tamia was originally for Toni Braxton.

Stranger In My House was a Top 10 Pop hit for Tamia. It probably would of been an even bigger hit had Toni Braxton lent her chops to it.

I like learning little interesting facts about music like that.
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