Beyonce Mad At H&M, Tamar Braxton Mad At 'Mariah' Of 'Married To Medicine'

You've had to have been hiding under a rock to not see Beyonce's new H&M ads plastered all over TV and beyond. Reportedly the singer was upset when H&M tried to photoshop her pictures and make her appear less curvy. Apparently Beyonce never approved the photoshopped pictures and H&M was forced to go with the originals(which is what you see today).

Beyonce is mad because H&M tried to photoshop her curves but not upset when the makeup giants like L'oreal lighten her skin to the point she looks white. Odd!

Tamar Braxton is mad at another reality TV star, Mariah Huq of Bravo's Married To Medicine. Mariah has become known on the show for her "gay lingo" which is also used and was made more famous by Tamar. Tamar took to Twitter to air out the copying going on.

The situation was instigated by Bravo host man Andy Cohen during the Married To Medicine reunion.

Tamar is not the first or the last person to use such phrases as she uses. I know she originated the whole "" thing but referring to herself in third person is certainly nothing new.
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