Lil' Wayne Released From Hospital, Keyshia Cole Mad At Beyonce

Hello all! Good news here! Lil' Wayne has been released from the hospital. The rapper had been hospitalized for the last six days. Contrary to reports Wayne was hospitalized for seizures. Cash Money associate Mack Maine insists that Wayne was hospitalized for exhaustion among other things. Whatever the case may be I am glad that he is doing well.

One artist that Lil' Wayne has collaborated with in the last year is Keyshia Cole. Over the past few months she has been very vocal via her Twitter account. SN: I might have to start following her just because. Anyway Keyshia has spoken out on Twitter about her disdain over the new Beyonce track Bow Down. In the song Beyonce brags and boasts about her position in the industry. This isn't exactly left field for Beyonce. If you recall the song Diva from I Am...Sasha Fierce album was similar in nature. Anyhow Keyshia is not happy about the message Beyonce is sending through the song. As you can imagine the Beyonce stans came for Keyshia's neck. Not one to back down though Keyshia took her lashing like a true soldier. Much respect!

I personally don't think the song is meant to be taken as serious as some are making it out to be. The reviews for the new song have been pretty mixed. The song is reportedly just a buzz track for Beyonce. Her first official single is said to be announced in the coming weeks.
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