Lil' Kim Mad At Wendy Williams, Azealia Banks Beefs With Rita Ora

Hello all! I have a little music news for those in dire need of a music news fix...I do warn you that this is a little lengthy but I guess I was just in one of those moods to relay my thoughts upon you since I don't very often or at all.

Lil' Kim has been in the news quite a bit lately but for all the wrong reasons. Instead of concentrating on her failing music career, she has been engaging in beefs and suing lawyers. Lil Kim recently spoke out against the website Mediatakeout accusing the gossip site of altering her look. I personally think Kim is responsible for altering her look not Mediatakeout.

A few days ago Lil' Kim made headlines for suing a lawyer over bad licensing agreements. The lawyer responded citing Kim was simply trying to get out of a series of contracts. Now Lil' Kim is mad at gossip queen Wendy Williams! Wendy Williams spoke about Lil' Kim on her show during her "Hot Topics" segment. She spoke about Lil' Kim's ever changing look and compared a recent photo(the same that Mediatakeout) featured on their website. Kim got upset and lashed out on Wendy via Twitter stating that Wendy sucked off (Notorious) Big among other things. Wow! This just got interesting!

Azealia Banks, another female rapper known for her Twitter beefs was involved in yet another beef a few days ago. This time, her target was Roc Nation singer Rita Ora. The two stars were performing at a concert overseas. Azealia accused Rita Ora of intimidating her with childish antics. Azealia soon took to Twitter to lash out on Rita and include a phone text message that Rita sent her.

Coincidentally after all this Azealia dropped her first single #YungRapunxel from her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste.

I might be the only one who really didn't watch this season of Love & Hip Hop New York. I watched the last 10 minutes of the first episode and it was then that I decided that I wouldn't be tuning in. I have saw bits and pieces of the show while channel surfing or at work. I have heard from friends about the various drama on the show. Still I was unimpressed and uninterested in watching the show.

With the show nearing its end; the cast was in the midst of shooting their reunion special when a fight broke out between the cast mates Joe Budden and Consequence. I'm not sure of the origin of the beef but both rappers took to Twitter after their heated altercation.
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