When The Game Attacks

Last night I came across footage of rapper The Game fighting nemesis rapper 40 Glocc. Below you can see the shocking video and more videos of Game fighting.

Over the years The Game has proved to be one of Raps more controversial and outspoken rappers. He has literally fought with several other rappers, fans, and random people on the street. One thing is for sure don't mess with The Game.

Below is a few videos I compiled of Game involved in some pretty infamous fights and feuds over the last few years. After the videos you get more of a synopsis of some of his well known feuds.

Some of The Game's famous feuds:
50 Cent
The Game's long running feud with 50 Cent is now industry legend. While The Game is running around trying to beat everyone up I would like to see him and 50 throw down. Would be interesting huh? That one could probably go either way. Personally I don't think 50 Cent is nowhere near as concerned about The Game as The Game is about 50 Cent.

Mya caught offense when The Game referred to her as a "bitch" in his song Dreams but that didn't stop her from appearing in the video to the single. After what was labeled a brief fling The Game had some not so nice things to say about the petite singer. In typical Mya style she swung back with some not so nice words herself.

Don't get it twisted Mya is not one to be played with. Bringing 50 Cent back into the convo he made some disparaging remarks about Mya back in the day and she labeled Lloyd Banks as 50's bitch!

Ras Kass
Most people may scratch their head as to who exactly Ras Kass is but he is a West Coast rapper that Game has long feuded with and came to blows with. Ras Kass' baby mama is singer Teedra Moses who most recently was affiliated with Maybach Music Group. Though I'm not sure where her situation stands with them now.

Am I missing someone? I think I am but I would be typing all day if I listed all the feuds The Game has been involved in. Seriously though The Game has quite the temper and he probably needs some anger management. I think I will end this piece here before The Game comes for me!
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